Why Run Again?

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon, and I'm looking out the window of our campaign office trying to raise money for our June 10 campaign finance report. In other words, I'm asking again why I'm running for D.C. Council.

Because I think it's time that the Council reflect the values of residents. I think those values are using our tax dollars wisely to invest in our schools, our adult learners, our parks and libraries, our housing stock, and in ourselves.

Last year I was told that I couldn't run a competitive at-large D.C. Council campaign without taking corporate or PAC contributions. That was wrong! With the help of many awesome D.C. residents, we ran an incredibly strong campaign, without a dime of corporate money.  This year we are going to do it again.

DONATE NOW to fund an even more competitive people-powered campaign!

I can only do it with your buy-in. Tuesday's filing deadline is our first chance to demonstrate the power of hundreds of residents coming together to push for integrity, accountability, and making good investments in D.C.

I learned a lot from my campaign last year. As some of you know, I'm kinda a competitive person. Losing is hard, but now that the gray hairs dominate my head, I've learned to see life as a lesson in continuous improvement. I think I'm a better candidate because of last year's campaign, and I believe I'll be a better councilmember.

We are going to have a robust field operation in all eight wards, and to do that, we need your financial support to pay our great campaign manager and field director, to pay for hundreds of signs going into yards, and to pay for t-shirts worn by you, our volunteers.

I think last year we proved that it's not how much you raise but how you raise and spend it. I know I won't raise the most money, probably ever in a campaign I run, but I hope to have the most contributors. That was true last year, and I want for that to happen this year. 

Please invest now so we can show the strength of our campaign in the June 10 report!

Thanks so much!