Why I'm Releasing My Tax Returns to the Public

At last night's City Paper debate, one of the moderators asked if the candidates would be willing to release their personal tax returns to the public, given it was April 15. Along with most of the candidates on stage with me, I agreed to do so. Today, I'm making good on that commitment.

Here's why I think this is important: Each of the candidates running in this race is promising to restore the public trust that has been so badly damaged by all the recent scandal. That trust can only be restored through transparency -- by elected officials who are open and honest about who they are and where they're coming from when they enter into public life.

My refusal to accept corporate and PAC contributions means that voters know I will take office with no public strings attached. I'm taking the challenge made at last night's debate to demonstrate the same is true of my private finances. I hope that other candidates will join in this opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and integrity in D.C. government.

Anyone who wants to see my tax returns can download them by clicking here. I am happy to say I've already received my refund from the District!