HUGE Endorsement from DC Working Families

DC Working Families, the local arm of the Working Families Party, just endorsed me.  


For many who closely follow municipal and state politics, the Working Families Party needs no introduction. They have been called "the most effective political operation the American Left has seen in decades" and have been racking up victories across the country. 

DC Working Families was launched this year by a coalition of labor, community, and faith leaders on the heels of a wave of electoral and policy wins by the Working Families Party in states like New York, Connecticut and Oregon. Working Families has a history of recruiting, training, and electing progressive candidates to office, and winning major legislative battles on issues like raising the minimum wage and expanding workers’ right to earn paid sick days -- two battles that I helped win last year in the District.

I am thrilled to announce the endorsement of such a powerful organization, with a track record of in-the-streets organizing and a commitment to bringing economic justice and integrity to the D.C. Council. This endorsement is incredibly meaningful, because it is based in shared values and backed up by enormous grassroots support.  

Joining with the Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund, Ward 6 Democratic Council Nominee Charles Allen, and the DC National Organization for Women, DC Working Families represents my fourth major endorsement since Labor Day, with more to come.  

There are more than a dozen other candidates vying for At-Large council seats, trying to distinguish themselves -- but with me the difference is clear. As DC Working Families Executive Director Delvone Michael told the Washington Post, I received this endorsement because I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk.  

I don't just talk about D.C. voting rights; I work with Statehood advocates and vote in the District in every election.

I don't just talk about campaign finance reform while filling my campaign coffers with corporate contributions and checks from Wal-Mart lobbyists because it's "allowed under current law"; I say no to pay-to-play politics in my own campaign and rely on contributions from hundreds of D.C. residents -- more than any other candidate at last filing.

I don't just talk about standing with working families and Labor, I fight side-by-side with them to make D.C. a place of opportunity for all.

And most importantly, I don't just talk about community engagement. While other campaigns hire paid petition gatherers and national political consultants, I empower my volunteers, many of whom are community organizers and neighborhood leaders, to build an effective grassroots voter contact program that will hold me and my future colleagues at the Wilson Building accountable.

I am honored to have the DC Working Families endorsement, and congratulations to the Rev. Graylan Hagler for earning their seal of approval as well.