Elissa 2013 Weekend Update and Let's Choose DC!

Greetings from Elissa 2013!

It was another busy weekend: Yesterday I began the morning on the National Mall, marching with fellow District residents for sensible gun control laws in our country. Special thanks to supporter Marina Streznewski (@marinastrez) who sported her Elissa 2013 button as she handled crowd control!


Then I headed up to MLK Memorial library for the Housing for All rally! I am a big supporter of the Housing Production Trust Fund, one of the best tools we have in our affordable housing toolkit. Afterward, I took care of a few errands at some of our great local businesses: grabbing a pizza at h&pizza, some wood for the fireplace at Frager's, and I've already worn some holes in my boots so I brought them to Peterbug Matthews to repair.

Finally, an invitation to all of you: Please read the responses and vote on the latest question at Let's Choose DC. This week's question is on education and voting ends tomorrow. Let's hear what you think about the answers!

On tap this week is a meet and greet Tuesday night in Ward 4 and the DC for Democracy forum on Wednesday.  Email me at Elissa@Elissa2013.com if you would like to come on Tuesday night.

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