D.C.’s population is growing fast, and we need to continue developing a diverse transportation system. When residents have more choices for traveling across the city and the region, everyone has an easier time getting around.

We need to invest smartly in expanding Metro’s capacity where it’s needed the most and keep looking for new, cost-effective ways to increase transportation capacity, such as creating dedicated bus lanes on busy routes and expanding bicycle infrastructure to new parts of the District.

I am someone who uses all our transit options: I own a car, ride a bike, and use both buses and trains to get around. I am a member of Capital Bikeshare, Zipcar, and Car2Go. My house at 4th and G Streets NE is a nine-minute walk to the Union Station metro station, a block from the X2, four blocks from the 90s line, and one block from the still-not-yet-operational H Street NE streetcar. I bought my house because it was so transit-convenient (at the time I did not own a car). I often make cycling or public transit my first option, but sometimes traveling by car is more efficient and convenient. I think we need to be responsible in sharing our roads and routes no matter what form of transportation we take.