Today's Quick Thoughts

The congressional meddling in District affairs is infuriating! FYI Reps. Massie and Harris, in case you want to give up on your districts and become DC Councilmembers, the deadline to hand in nominating petitions is Aug. 6. I'll be handing in mine at the end of this week!

Yesterday I spent the day in Ward 8, visiting polling sites, meeting with ward leaders, and attending the monthly meeting of ANC8B. I want to congratulate the winner of yesterday's special election for a new Ward 8 school board member, Tierra Jolly. It is exciting to have an experienced classroom teacher serve on the board, and I enjoyed talking with Tierra yesterday as she campaigned at the ARC about her priorities, including focusing on special education and putting additional resources in Ward 8 schools. I also want to congratulate Philip Pannell for running a competitive race and for being a tireless advocate for his ward. I look forward to working with both Tierra and Philip, along with Councilmember Barry, in making ward 8 schools high performing, meeting the needs of students, parents, and the community.

There's a good editorial in today's Washington Post on D.C. General, echoing many of the action items I plan to do as your councilmember. If you missed my thoughts, you can find them here.


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