The First, The Last, My Everything....

 Barry White said it best: You are my everything.

  • You are the reason we surprised the local D.C. political establishment last year in the special election.
  • You are the reason we handed in more than 4,500 signatures on nominating petitions nearly THREE WEEKS BEFORE Wednesday's August 6 deadline.

  • You are the reason we can fund a winning grassroots campaign of the people, without taking a dime of corporate contributions or special interest PAC money.

And that's the reason I'm writing to you today. Today is three months to Election Day. I need YOU to help us put the resources in place to win.

Now is when we need to pay the salaries of our great campaign manager and field director; now is when we need to pay for the literature and other supplies to help you, our great volunteers, knock on doors and host meet and greets; and now is when we need to pay for the printing and postage of the direct mail we will design ourselves to go into mailboxes this fall.

>>Donate Now To Put The Resources In Place For Our Aug. 11 Campaign Finance Deadline.<<

I was watching Chuck Todd on MSNBC at the gym this morning, and he said that August is the new September when it comes to the November general election. I couldn't agree more. In order to make a great post-Labor Day push, we need the resources to build our campaign now.

>>Make Your Downpayment Here, for Local Government Accountable to You, the D.C. Taxpayer.<<

You--the residents, the business owners, the parents, the activists, the workers, the taxpayers--are my sun, my moon, my guiding star....

Thanks so much.