Thanks to the OPEIU Local 2 for Their Endorsement

I have just received the endorsement of Office and Professional Employees International Local 2 (OPEIU Local 2) in the April 23 at-large council race. OPEIU Local 2, a member of the AFL-CIO, represents 7,000 union workers in the region, including 1,000 District residents.

I am honored to receive the OPEIU Local 2 endorsement, which, along with my many other endorsements from progressive leaders and organizations, demonstrates that I am the real progressive candidate in this race. When I met with OPEIU leadership, I discussed my track record on education, workforce development, and affordable housing. My values and my leadership on issues affecting working people in the District separate me from the other candidates. For example, workers should earn a living wage to support their families, and the city should ensure paid sick days for all workers. I look forward to working with OPEIU members in the D.C. region so we can bring these values and new energy to the D.C. Council.