Thank You to Volunteers and Residents Who Supported Initiative 70

Today volunteers who worked hard to push for campaign finance reform received word from Initiative 70 filer Bryan Weaver that D.C. Public Trust will withdraw its request to D.C. Superior Court to review the Board of Elections ruling.

I know how hard many D.C. residents worked to push our city toward campaign finance reform. In 100 degree heat, in the rain, on weekends, hundreds of our neighbors spent their leisure time collecting thousands of signatures to ban direct corporate contributions in local politics and try in their citizen role to do something to stop the corrosive pay to play culture down the John A. Wilson Building. I was one of them, and it's certainly disappointing not to see Initiative 70 on the ballot soon.

I do think the effort was successful: It focused attention on this important issue, prompting legislative proposals from Mayor Gray and several council members. That is significant.

I will push to do oversight of the Board of Elections and mandated partner agencies in the voter registration act, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles. I want to make sure that registering to vote and updating your address is an efficient process.

And I vow to all those who worked hard that I will push for campaign finance reform when I am on the Council. That's a commitment to everyone who participated in D.C. Public Trust and who supported the initiative process.