Thank You For Helping Me Get On The Ballot!

Moments ago, I handed in 4,534 signatures on 266 petition sheets circulated by 62 volunteers to qualify for the Nov. 4 general election to be your next at-large councilmember. 

I want to thank the 60 plus volunteer circulators who helped with not only circulating petitions but validating them as well. Our campaign volunteers verified that at least 80 percent of the signatures were valid, putting us well over the 3,000 duly registered voter signature requirement. Using computer-assisted technology and a database built from the public voter file, campaign volunteers checked each signature on the 266 sheets submitted to verify that signers were registered voters.

The verification system yielded the following data:

  • 4,534 total signatures
  • 80 percent of these were exact matches of duly-registered voters who listed on the petition sheet the same address as is on file with the D.C. Board of Elections
  • 62 volunteer circulators

I’m looking forward to the next phase of the campaign--knocking on doors, attending living room meet and greets, and speaking with voters at forums and other community events.

A big, big thanks to my campaign manager Kitty Richards for shepherding us through this major task!