Strong Signs of Support for Reform

I want to update you on two important signs of our campaign's success:

Interactive Election Map

Throughout my campaign, I said it again and again, at meet-and-greets, at forums, in interviews: My goal was to run a "data-driven" campaign. Today, I want to share with you one of the ways my campaign is using voter data to understand our city better. 

Outstanding Elissa 2013 supporter Keith Ivey, who along with Tac Tacelosky has been a driving force behind our campaign's analytical efforts, has created an interactive map of the April 23 election results.

The data reflected in this map will be useful as we look back over our campaign efforts to figure out what we did that worked, and where we could have done better. Overall, the results are encouraging. This map reflects a measure of success on one of the most important goals I set for my campaign: to develop a geographically broad, citywide base of support. In an election between six candidates, our campaign won at least 20% of the vote in six different wards; no other campaign reached the 20% mark in more than four wards.

I want to thank both Keith and Tac for putting their incredible skills to work for this campaign. It was an honor--and incredibly informative--to work with both of them.

Sunday Sign Takedown

I also want to thank everyone who participated in our Sunday Sign Takedown yesterday. And I want to use this opportunity to highlight the amazing graphics work of Galen and Julie Lawson, two outstanding Takoma, DC, residents who lent their considerable talents to this campaign. Galen and Julie jumped in at the very start to help us design our signs, our literature, and the numerous ads in DCist, Washington City Paper, Hill RagWashington Informer, Borderstan, and the Current newspapers. Thank you, Julie and Galen, for your outstanding work and your dedication in so many ways to making our city a more environmentally responsible, healthier, cooler-looking place to live.

If you see a sign still up on a pole, email me at, and I'll come take it down.

I am so proud to have worked with all of you, such an outstanding group of talented, dedicated District residents. I think we showed that a principled campaign--focused on citywide solutions--appeals to voters across the District.

This is just the beginning of a greater reform movement to make District government work better for all of us.