Strategic Visions

I covered local political races for a decade, but it didn't prepare me in any way for what I face as a candidate. One of the things that really bugs me is how little time I have to read. 

Two things struck me as I read the Post this morning. First, on the sustainable DC initiative: I like that we have an ambitious vision for our city on how to use resources responsibly, creatively, and wisely. This is a good thing. I don't think being ambitious on how we grow in a responsible way is an either/or proposition with jobs. I hear Mayor Barry's urgency on getting some of our long-term unemployed, especially folks in his ward, into good jobs and careers. I agree with him. I think it takes a similar vision and ambition: That we need to have a clear goal of what we want to achieve--narrowing our opportunity gap with families all across this city, but especially in Wards 5, 7, 8--and then work backward to get to that goal. That is what I want to work on when I get on the council, and I really look forward to working with Mayor Barry on these efforts. I have often been questioned by him when I testify at hearings on such issues, and I look forward to working collaboratively on solutions. 

And I also really liked Courtland Milloy's column today. We need to build an education system that attracts more Bakari Ali Haynes's into our classrooms. I was bummed to learn he teaches in Moco! Once again, these things are all related. We need to have a strategic vision for education, for the environment, for workforce development. It is not either/or.