Thank You For A Great Elissa 2014 Kickoff!

Here's my report on the campaign kickoff:

Pretzel Sliders: eaten before I knew they arrived.
Donuts: about 100 eaten, a few chocolate covered left
Supporters: about 100 people came fired up and ready to go!

Thank you so much to everyone who came Saturday. Special thanks to my campaign chairman, Kathy Patterson, who delivered very wonderful remarks. I reminded our supporters we had a lot to be proud of from our effort last year--expanded paid sick days, a higher minimum wage that boosts July 1, changing the discussion to ethics and integrity in DC politics--but we fell short on one goal. That is winning the election.

This year we'll focus on integrity, accountability, investing in DC....and winning. I am so excited about the campaign team we have put together. Unlike other campaigns, we don't have paid consultants and expensive spokesmen because I believe I have the best spokespeople in DC politics: my supporters. They are terrific ambassadors. I've learned from our campaign last year, and I think I am a better candidate and will be a better council member for it.

Just like the Academy Awards, attendees left with reusable shopping bags filled with stickers, buttons, t-shirts, a clipboard....and petition sheets so I can get on the ballot.

If you couldn't make the kickoff but would like to collect signatures, we're having events all across the city this weekend, or we can get you a personal packet to take with you:

Sign up here!

Thanks again.