Jews United for Justice Endorsed Me Today!

Jews United for Justice, a major progressive force in D.C. politics and the largest grassroots organization to endorse candidates in D.C. elections, endorsed me today.

I'm thrilled to get the JUFJ Campaign Fund's endorsement, and the volunteers and energy that come with it. JUFJ doesn't just talk about making our city a place of opportunity for all, they make the phone calls, deliver the testimony, and put the boots on the ground year after year on issues like paid sick days, the minimum wage, and equity in the city's budget.

I've said before that what makes my campaign different is the people, and the incredible grassroots support from our many committed volunteers.  I am proud to have JUFJ's seal of approval, but more than that I look forward to working side by side with their committed volunteers over the next two months, so that I can bring JUFJ's approach to social justice to the Council.

And as many of you may know, we are about to kick our field campaign into full gear.

We have field kickoff events across the city beginning this week -- please join me and my many volunteers and supporters across the city in building our field operation in every neighborhood!