It's Not Too Late To Join Me July 4!

It's not too late to join me and fellow Elissa 2014 supporters for July 4!

Arthur might have changed your beach plans, the holiday crept up on you, you like to wait until the last minute....whatever the reason, you might right now be thinking: How should I celebrate the 4th tomorrow?

I got three options for you! And I've hinted that a special guest will be joining us... as you can see, he's almost ready to race!

Almost ready

Capitol Hill Parade along Barracks RowParade starts at 10 a.m., and we are in the front! Lineup begins at 9:15.
This event grows bigger every year. It's a slice of Americana, with school groups, community organizations, and a few politicos walking from the Marine Barracks to Eastern Market. Come join me in the parade! It's fun, and a large group shows neighbors and the press that we have a vigorous campaign. RSVP here, so we can have a t-shirt and candy ready for you!

Palisades Parade along MacArthur Boulevard! Parade starts at 11 a.m.
It's a bit of Norman Rockwell in the nation's capital! Palisades is an egalitarian parade, in which all who show up can march! Local politicos from all corners of the city show up, as do school groups, neighborhood blocks (Millwood Mob is always a favorite), and dancers, marching bands, etc. It's always well covered by the local press. March with me, but if you prefer to be in the crowd still swing by the staging area to wear an Elissa2014 t-shirt. RSVP here.

Old Soldiers' Home picnic, bicycle parade, and fireworks viewingI'll be there starting around 6.
Avoid the crowds downtown, and head to the Old Soldiers' Home in Petworth to watch the fireworks! I'll be there with petitions for you to sign! Bring a blanket, a picnic, some money to buy treats at the food trucks and have a great time. If you'd like to help collect some signatures, RSVP here.

See you tomorrow!