I'm Proud to Receive the Greater Greater Washington Endorsement

Today I was honored to receive the endorsement of Greater Greater Washington in the April 23 at-large council race. The influential blog said that I have a “very strong track record” on holding DC government accountable to residents.

Greater Greater Washington has proven to be a space where residents engage in discussion and problem-solving on our toughest issues: how to grow our city in an inclusive, responsible way; how to tackle the achievement gap in our schools and opportunity gap with our families; and how to spend our taxpayer dollars well so we are making strategic investments to move our city forward. That makes me very proud to receive their endorsement.

In their endorsement, Greater Greater Washington stated that they “believe that our leaders should devote much of our city's monetary prosperity to two goals: economic growth that furthers that prosperity, and efforts to truly help those most in financial need to ensure they are not left behind. Ms. Silverman has a very strong track record in this area.”

My willingness to ask tough questions from all sides was also cited as a strength: “When talking with editors about issues such as the zoning update, for instance, [Elissa] probed much more deeply into the effects and tradeoffs than other candidates or even many advocates. She has said that she wants to turn this skill toward oversight of District agencies such as DCRA….She has advocated reforming DCRA to make it easier for District residents to open businesses as well.”

I look forward to working with Greater Greater Washington contributors, readers, and commenters to make the District a city of hope, opportunity, and vision.