I'm Honored to Receive the Endorsement of Former Councilmember Sharon Ambrose

I want to extend my thanks to former Ward 6 D.C. Councilmember Sharon Ambrose, who today urged her friends and longtime constituents to vote for me.

Ambrose, a fixture in D.C. politics and beloved especially in her Capitol Hill neighborhood, said she hoped to see me join the council to help address the ethics scandals that have bedeviled local politics in recent years.

In making her endorsement, Ambrose said of me that the District's residents “need her integrity and we need her smarts—especially when it comes to the D.C. budget." She made her endorsement following a gathering of Ward 6 advisory neighborhood commissioners at Ted’s Bulletin, the Barracks Row diner that itself has gotten a reputation for political meet and greets.

Ambrose was a public school activist on Capitol Hill before working for former Board of Education member Betty Ann Kane, herself a Hill resident; she was then a council staff member before seeking election in her own right, in 1997. She served through 2006, chairing the Committee on Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and the Committee on Economic Development. Most recently she served as chair of David Grosso’s successful bid for the at-large council seat in November. 

I am honored to have Councilmember Ambrose’s endorsement. Hers is a record of accomplishment and service, and I look forward to seeking her advice once I am on the council.

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  • Pete Perry
    Not something to proud of. Sharon Ambrose betrayed a lot of Washingtonians of modest means when she changed tune on DC General and supported its closure. Furthermore — she was a good friend of private developers, and these following examples are proof that…
    A $600 million baseball stadium;
    Sale of 13-acre Waterside Mall for $17 million;
    Sale of Randall School to the Corcoran;
    A $6 million park in place of public housing;
    A $1 annual lease for St. Coletta School.