I'm Calling on Patrick Mara to Return His Contribution from an Anti-DC PAC

WASHINGTON– Democratic At-Large D.C. Council candidate Elissa Silverman today called on her Republican opponent Patrick Mara to return a maximum $1,000 contribution from Freedom's Defense Fund, a Tea Party PAC whose website pledges support for candidates who will "stop Washington, DC from achieving statehood--resulting in two more liberal members in the United States Senate."

"Patrick Mara's acceptance of funding from Freedom's Defense Fund is an insult to the voters of the District and everyone who supports full voting rights for D.C. residents," Silverman said.

Patrick Mara's new contributors also helped the anti-progressive agenda of Rick Santorum, a presidential candidate who spoke openly of "the dangers of contraception in this country" and Todd Akin, a U.S Senate candidate who stated, "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." Its agenda includes "telling the truth about Barack Obama, his dangerous policies, and his dangerous friends."

Silverman said, “My campaign is about bringing integrity, fiscal responsibility, and progressive values to the D.C. Council, not telling different things to different audiences. I call on Patrick Mara to reject the PAC’s money and explain to D.C. voters how he came to receive a maximum contribution from this radical right wing group."

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  • cw anderson
    This is exactly the sort of thing the DC voting public needs to know before and while it is happening, not sometime later. Thanks Elissa!