Elissa 2014 Begins Today!

The rumor turned into reality today: Moments ago I filed paperwork to run again for D.C. Council. As many of you know, David Catania is giving up his at-large seat to run for mayor, which means D.C. voters will elect a new at-large member in the November 4 general election. Voters have the opportunity to select two at-large members, and I want to be one of your two choices on the ballot.

I am so proud of the campaign we ran last year, and I promise to run an even better one this year--and to win. But I can't do it without your support! I need your help to build a robust field campaign in all eight wards. So I'm asking for you to

1. Sign up to volunteer.

2. Contribute.

3. Spread the word to friends and family by sharing our Facebook page, website, and other social media that will likely develop over the next few months!

This year's campaign will again center on integrity, accountability, and investment in D.C. Once again I will not accept corporate contributions. I will continue my focus on fairness and equity; on keeping DCPS and D.C. public charter schools accountable; on assuring that every neighborhood has a high-quality elementary, middle, and high school; on keeping our city affordable to all by investing in housing and good public transportation; and on making our government transparent and accessible to residents and businesses. We won some of the investments we fought for last year, such as paid sick days for all and a higher minimum wage. Let's continue the push for reform together.

We challenged the conventional wisdom in last year's special election of how to run for local office here in D.C., and I think we changed the culture. Reform can only continue with your help. Please sign up to volunteer, put a sign in your yard, host a meet and greet, and contribute what you can.

And feel free to get in touch with me to ask any questions or offer ideas.

Let's win!