Elissa 2018: Here we go again!

Dear Friend—

I can’t believe it’s 2018!

Four years ago, I asked for your support to work toward a more equitable, inclusive, and accountable District of Columbia. A city that helped working families in every ward. A city that prioritized putting your taxpayer dollars in sound investments that improve quality of life and expand opportunity for all. A city that spent your money wisely.

Thanks to your support, we have since then come together as a progressive community to put our values into action. We put a groundbreaking family leave program into law. We have increased investments in housing, childcare, public schools, health care, and infrastructure, including various modes of public transit. And we will soon implement public financing of our elections. I am honored to represent you and proud to have collaborated with my colleagues on the Council on these and other initiatives.

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As we head into this weekend, I know many of us will be thinking about the inspiring women’s marches that took place last January and how we can continue to come together to fight the racist and regressive policies of Donald Trump and his administration. I think we can be very proud that the District of Columbia—the nation’s capital—stands very strongly for social justice and for values that make our neighborhoods, our city, and our economy stronger.

With your support and your vote, I have spent the past three years delivering on the promises I made: government of the people and by the people, focused on integrity, accountability, and investing your dollars in what matters most. Now I am asking for your support and your vote once again, as I launch elissa2018.com and my campaign for re-election to an at-large seat on the D.C. Council.

I’ll be in touch early next week with additional thoughts on what we have accomplished and what more we can do if we continue to move forward together.

Thanks so much,