A strong public school system is the key to our city's future. I am a product of a large urban public school system, and I am firmly committed to investing in D.C. public schools to build a public system that is equal if not superior to our suburban neighbors. I see my role as councilmember as being not a micromanager but an advocate for parents, students, and residents, as well as an accountability officer of the DCPS chancellor and the D.C. public charter school board.

As your councilmember, I work tirelessly to make the public schools in every District neighborhood high-performing. The recently proposed boundary changes are a necessary and well-meaning step in this direction, but we need to make sure that any changes to school boundaries are implemented in a way that will truly achieve this goal. I work hard to ensure that all city residents—including parents, neighbors, and advocates—have a voice in public school decision-making. As your councilmember, I push for high-quality pre-kindergarten in every school, committed teachers who focus on intellectual and emotional development beyond test scores, and principals who lead as well as manage.

I believe poverty is one of the major factors impacting student success in the classroom. I support having an additional weight to the student funding formula that should follow the student so high-poverty schools can have additional resources to help level the playing field.