Vote! And Vote The Rent Is Too Darn High!

Good Morning!

Today is primary election day in DC, and the polls just opened! If you are a registered Democratic, Republican or Statehood Green voter, I encourage you to cast a ballot in your party's primary.

If you are registered as a Democrat, please take the time to fill out the entire ballot and vote for The Rent Is Too Darn High slate of candidates to fill the Democratic party slots. You can vote the The Rent Is Too Darn High--which it is!--by casting your ballot for Mike Panetta as National Committeeman, Nikki Lewis as National Committeewoman, and the six male members (Sekou Biddle, John Capozzi, Diallo Brooks, Gregory Cendana, Delvone Michael, and Edgardo Guerrero) and six female members (Denise Lopez, Jasmine Harris, Nikisha Carpenter, Vicky Leonard, Veronica Davis, and Alexandra Beninda). In each ward, you should also select The Rent Is Too Darn High candidates if there are candidates in your ward. They are:

Ward 1: Steve Lanning, Nick Lepham, Dyana Forester, and Nicole Witenstein
Ward 3: Philip Thomas (also vote Hugh Allen, Deborah Shore, and Ann Loikow with Ward 3 Democrats)
Ward 4: Max Skolnik, Warren Brown, Jessica Pierce, and Tamara Angela Ferrell
Ward 5: John Salatti, Joan Shipps, and Theodora Brown
Ward 6: Andy Litsky, Josh Hart, Naomi Shelton, and Sian Ofaolain
Ward 7: Juan Thompson, no affiliation
Ward 8: Charles Wilson with New Dawn Democrats

They might be lower on the ballot than the mayoral or council hopefuls, but these candidates are very important to pushing for progressive change in our city. They are a very energetic group, eager to make the DC Democratic Party one that advocates for and embraces integrity and open government. It is a diverse group from across the city, who share a bold vision to take on the party establishment. I support their vision. We share a resolve to fight for an open, honest, and engaged government and a higher standard of accountability and ethics for our elected officials.

I also support candidates for DC Council endorsed by the Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund. They are:

Chairman: Phil Mendelson
At-Large: Nate Bennett-Fleming
Ward 1: Brianne Nadeau
Ward 3: Mary Cheh
Ward 5: Kenyan McDuffie
Ward 6: Charles Allen

Polls are open until 8 p.m.

Thanks so much. I'll be in touch with some news soon.